Here at Eccolab Group, our team recognizes the fundamental importance of customer satisfaction and of course, patient health.
We understand how paramount health-specific knowledge is, so we make sure every one of our team members possess relevant health industry experience.
Eccolab Group employs experienced scientific staff that includes some of the leading licensed laboratory professionals in the field.
We have a team of licensed geriatric and pediatric phlebotomists, who each have at least five years of relevant field experience. In addition, our phlebotomists are experienced in geriatric venipuncture procedures as well as hard-stick blood collection procedures.
Our lab works with an extensive network of physicians who are available to provide testing support and consultation for our clients.
For instance, our Chief Medical Director often visits our clients and teaches classes on specific topics related to the clinical laboratory field.
We appreciate how rapidly the health industry continues to change and we emphasize the importance of continual education.
Through our rigorous training program, Eccolab Group guarantees that every member of the Eccolab Client Services department is well-versed in the field of clinical laboratories and our customer service representatives are required to have had previous experience working alongside healthcare professionals in the industry.
Keeping our clients in mind, a variety of education and in-service programs are performed by our highly qualified Eccolab Group Account Representatives, which boast years of public relations and healthcare management experience.
Simply put, we understand that there are many components that contribute to excellent healthcare and we will continue to make sure that every detail meets our highest standards to ensure patient health and customer satisfaction.