Eccolab Group provides world class central laboratory testing services specifically tailored to each study protocol. With state-of-the-art technologies Eccolab offers comprehensive laboratory service solutions that empower our clients to make fast decisions about their compounds.

Eccolab delivers a unique array of laboratory services and solutions tailored specifically to each study and designed to maximize assessment support to Phase I-IV of research trials.

At Eccolab we specialize in high-quality, actionable laboratory data that facilitates pharmaceutical development and FDA approval.

Our team consists of highly qualified laboratory professionals, scientists and doctors that provide an unmeasured level of support and expertise that you can entrust in.

Service Lineup

Our central lab services guarantee high-quality testing results and data in-real time across all phases of the pharmaceutical development.


The Eccolab order and result portal enables the client and clinical team to order laboratory assessments and view results in Real-Time.


Specimens and requisitions are bar-coded and electronic, in order to ensure traceability and harmonization.


Our services range from basic screening assessments to more complex pharmacokinetics (PK) testing. Our laboratory solutions begin with the study protocol review, sample collection management, testing services and data reporting.


Each study is custom tailored to meet the specific requirements of the study protocol.

The Eccolab study coordinators are highly training in clinical laboratory assessment and are available 24/7 to respond to the needs of the project. 



The Eccolab coordinators are highly training in clinical laboratory studies and are available 24/7 to respond to the needs to the trial.