Phlebotomy Services

Our phlebotomy service is patient-centered and focused on providing convenient and accessible laboratory service to patients that are homebound, inpatient and otherwise unable to access laboratory service.


Phlebotomy services include routine adult, geriatric and pediatric venipuncture or capillary collections, blood culture collection and STAT services.


The Eccolab Group Clinical Laboratory Phlebotomy Service Techs (PSTs) provide venipuncture procedure services in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings.

Experienced Team

Our highly trained, experienced and qualified Phlebotomy Service Techs are Level-II-Background checked and validated.

If you have any questions regarding the collection of these samples, please contact Eccolab Group laboratory customer service at 800.616.1770.

Benefits of Outreach Phlebotomy Service
  • Level-II-Background Verified
  • Geriatric and Pediatric experienced and Certified
  • Quality Phlebotomy Service with Experienced Management Team
  • Highly Qualified and Reliable Certified Phlebotomists
  • Customized Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs
  • Reduced Liability and Always Meet High Demands
  • The Elimination of the Burden of Scheduling and Dispatching Phlebotomist for Your Nursing Home/Assisted Living and Home Care
  • 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days a Week, On-Call Service to Take Care of Your Routine and STAT Phlebotomy Needs

Eccolab Group is a leading clinical laboratory provider of diagnostic testing-solutions and services to research organizations, pharmaceutical developers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, long-term and intermediate-care facility providers. Recognized for our integrity, quality and innovation, Eccolab Group delivers timely, accurate and reliable laboratory results as an integral part of our commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Eccolab Group operates a sophisticated laboratory network with extensive scientific expertise in the laboratory sciences.

Eccolab Group is staffed by dedicated healthcare professionals that understand that, behind every specimen and result, there is a human life. Our scientific staff has the competence, experience and dedication to provide uncompromised, error-free analytical results.

Eccolab Group was incorporated in Florida in 2001. We currently conduct business through our headquarters in Miami. Our-laboratory testing facilities also include testing locations in Tampa. In coordination with our laboratory network, we also have strategic partnerships with regional hospitals throughout Florida and Georgia.

Eccolab Group employs experienced scientific staff that includes MDs and PhDs, who are available for testing support and consultation. In addition to our scientific staff, Eccolab Group also offers training seminars, facilitated by our Chief Medical Director, which provide Continued Education (CE) credits to nursing staff.

Our on-site staff consists of professional Phlebotomy Service Technicians (PSTs) experienced in geriatric venous collection procedures. Additionally, our staff is level-II-background screened and verified to serve long-term-care facilities. Each facility is assigned a qualified PST that attends to your facilities’ residents daily.

Our in-services are performed by highly qualified professionals with many years of laboratory experience. Our professional resident-friendly staff will streamline the transition process and will address any questions or concerns.

Available upon request, Eccolab can provide scientific staff for your monthly or annual Quality Assurance (QA) meetings.

Eccolab Group has several strategic partnerships and affiliations with third-party laboratory service providers.  These subcontracted vendors are currently contracted with Eccolab Group for testing services; the services may include STAT testing, referral testing and/or validation services. Some of our affiliations are:

  • Quest Diagnostics, Inc.® – Nationwide – Referral Testing Provider
  • LabCorp® – Nationwide – Referral Testing Provider
  • Mayo Clinic Laboratories – Nationwide – Referral Testing Provider
  • AdventHealth (a.k.a. Florida Hospital) – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Fort Walton Hospital – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Wuesthoff Health System – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Holly Cross Regional Medical Center – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Memorial Hospital of Tampa – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Community Hospital – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Central FL Hospital – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • RMC of Bayonet Point – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Parrish Medical – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Baptist Medical Center – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Highlands Regional – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Charlotte Regional Hospital – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Well Star Kennestone Hospital – GA – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Baptist Health System – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Fort Walton Medical Center – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
  • Delray Medical Center – FL – STAT/Extended Service Provider
Eccolab makes a reasonable attempt to include as many procedures as possible within our robust in-house testing menu. Currently, Eccolab performs over 95% of all of the testing requested in-house. A comprehensive listing of in-house procedures and reference ranges can be provided upon request.

Eccolab Group will accept assignment on any third-party payer, including Medicare Part B, Medicaid and commercial insurance. Eccolab Group does not currently accept assignment for Medicare Part A, Health Management Organizations (HMO), Managed Care or any other exclusive contacted payer.

If a claim for payment is rejected by a third-party payer, Eccolab Group will attempt to reverse the rejection and resubmit the claim for payment. It is Eccolab Group’s policy to make a reasonable attempt to retrieve any missing or inaccurate information from the facility in a timely manner to avoid any nonpayment.

STAT Service is an expeditious time-sensitive service that must be collected, analyzed and reported as soon as four (4) hours from the time of collection. Extended Service is defined as procedures that must be collected within a very specific requirements and stability of the specimen for the procedure ordered; these tests include Ammonia (NH3), Therapeutic Peak or Trough measurements, in addition to other time-sensitive procedures.

Facility staff assistance is not often necessary to collect or handle specimens. From time to time, our phlebotomy service techs may need some assistance with identifying a patient or with the clarification of an order to be performed. Eccolab Group representatives will work independently with the orders submitted for services but will need facility intervention anytime they’re drawing from a PICC line or any type of port is required.

Eccolab Group makes a good-faith effort at collecting admission face sheets at the initiation commencement of service; in addition, Eccolab Group has an email address dedicated for face-sheet collection ( Furthermore, the end-of-month census is to be sent each month to our billing department via e-mail at

Eccolab Group has the technology to integrate with any EHR (i.e., Point-Click-Care® or Matrix Care®) Eccolab Group does not have any additional charges or fees for utilization of Eccolab equipment or systems. (If applicable, there may be an interface charge for HL7 connection from your EHR vendor.)

Eccolab will provide facility invoices on the first or second day of the month. These invoices are sent via email in PDF format and are password-protected to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Eccolab can also provide invoices via the DSSI® Supply Chain system. (Eccolab is a preferred partner with DSSI®.)

Payment terms are offered at 30 days net from the date of the invoice.
Eccolab accepts a variety of payment options for the convenience of our clients. Accepted forms of payment are ACH, Credit Card, Check or Money Order.

Mobile Phlebotomy Services